In this season…Many of us had plans that did not include the coronavirus.  Use this time to make this season meaningful.


This Season of Change


In this season…Many of us had plans for this season that did not include the coronavirus and COVID-19. I think of those who suddenly lost loved-ones who were with them just a month ago. Yet, life does happen and will continue to do so. That’s why it’s important to have a Plan B for when life happens. Take this time to evaluate your plans and make this season meaningful.

This season has given me time to reflect on what I can do and not what I can’t. While I can’t have this amazing conference that I planned to have in April, (and yes, something special is coming in its place) I can do other things. I can use this time on other talents such as my writing. I have written a couple of books that I hadn't mentioned or promoted in some time. Now is the perfect time for reading since many of us are spending less time out and more time inside. So, I am asking you all to do a couple of things.

  • Shop the bookstore and enjoy some inspirational fiction reading.
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Until next time, make this your season to be blessed!


                                      May 15. 2020


About Our Contributors


Dr. Lovell Brigham Stiggers

Sis. Marie Duncan

Sis. Marie Duncan

Dr. Brigham-Stiggers is an inspirational speaker, motivator and trainer. She uses her gift in service to the Lord to help others on their journey to discovering their great work.  


Sis. Marie Duncan

Sis. Marie Duncan

Sis. Marie Duncan

Pastor's wife, mother, career woman are titles that describe this dynamic speaker. She is most importantly a woman of God. For every woman who thinks her season has passed, Sis. Marie will bring a message which shows how the Lord brings value to every season.  


Sis. Cent Shaw

Sis. Marie Duncan

Sis. Cent Shaw

Sis. Cent Shaw is an educator with an extraordinary gift for spreading her love of God with others. She will serve as the moderator for the event and ensure that everyone feels that same love. 


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